Mexico Beach Pier

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Mexico Beach Public Pier
Section 1. The following rules shall apply to the City
of Mexico Beach City Pier:
1. It shall be unlawful for any person to dive from,
launch boats from, or
throw/push any articles, items, or other
paraphernalia, other than fishing
tackle, from the pier.
2. It shall be unlawful for any person to swim, ride
surfboards, operate boats
of any kind, or otherwise occupy the waters within a
fifty foot (50') area
of the pier.
3. Non-official motorized vehicles, bicycles,
skateboards, rollerblades, and
similar modes of transportation are prohibited from
the pier. Wheelchairs
and motorized vehicles for handicapped individuals
are exempt from this
4. Dogs, cats, and other pets are prohibited from the
5. Open flames are prohibited.
6. Glass bottles are prohibited.
7. Sleeping or camping on the pier is prohibited.
Section 2. In addition to the above rules, the following
wildlife protection rules shall
apply regarding sea turtles:
1. Do not cast your line where sea turtles are
surfacing to breath.
2. If you hook or entangle a sea turtle on your line,
contact the City of
Mexico Beach City Hall immediately at (850)
648-5700 or, if outside
regular operating hours, contact Jay Jecha at (850)
3. The Code Enforcement/Animal Control Officer
should gently attempt to
retrieve the turtle in accordance with the approved
marine turtle protection
plan. If required, cut the line close to the hook and
remove line that has
become entangled around the turtle. Avoid the turtle's
mouth and flipper
claws; use blunt scissors/knife to cut line.
4. Do not lift the turtle above the water by pulling the
line (this will result in
further injury). If the distance to the pier from the
water is too large to
bring the turtle up safely, cut the line as short as
possible to release the
5. Turtles with serious cuts and/or ingested or deeply
imbedded hooks need
veterinary care.
6. Injured sea turtles shall be kept wet and in the
shade and a qualified
veterinarian (or other permitted and qualified person
as determined by the
FWC) shall be immediately notified. In this situation,
please contact
Barbara Ells at (850) 647-8238.