If you are going to do some beach fishing, you will need a "sand spike" for each of your rods. They are easy to make from PVC pipe
and will last a long time.

LIST OF MATERIALS (Makes 2 sand spikes)

One 10' length 1 1/2" Schedule 40 PVC pipe. (The Destin Home Depot sells them in 10' lengths) Make sure it is "Schedule
40"                         (Its thicker than the other type used for sprinkler systems.

Two  2 1/2 " long 1/4"  bolts. (Regular metal is ok, you really dont have to buy the more expensive stainless steel or galvanized hard
       ware unless you are a perfectionist.)
Two   1/4" Lock washers
Two    1/4 " Nuts
Two    Medium size S rings
Sand paper (Coarse)


Two pairs of big wire pliars or vise grips.
Wrench for tightening the bolts
Drill with 1/4" bit
Beer bottle
Heat source (your stove, a burner, etc)
Flat head screw driver to fit your bolts you bought.


1.  Find the center of the PVC pipe
(Should be 5' from each end) and mark it.

2. Draw roughly a 60 degree angle through the
center point you marked.  (Mine looks more like a
45 degree but I found a sharper point (like 60)
goes into the sand easier.)

3.  Cut the PVC pipe in half along the 60 degree
angle you just drew. You will need to have some
one hold the pipe while you cut it or place it in a
vise if you are by yourself.  Again, my angle is
around 45, make yours a little sharper.

You should now have two pieces of PVC pipe,
each with one end cut at an angle. This is the
end that will be going into the sand.

4. On the other end of the pipe, measure down
about 12" and mark it. This is where you are going
to drill the hole to put the bolt through. The bottom
of your rod will be sitting on this bolt when it is in
the sand spike. This keeps the reel out of contact
with the spike.

5. Drill a 1/4" hole through the pipe.

Try to keep it level.

6. Find your hardware

7. This step is optional but I put a modified S
ring on my spike. I can use it to hang things from
(towells, etc) to keep it out of the sand. With your
pliars, bend in one of the "S"s to make a loop.
The bolt will be going through this loop, so make
it with about a 1/4" diameter.

8. Then, using both pairs of pliar, each holding
one end of the S ring, bend them where they are
90 degrees to each other. This will allow the end
of the S loop to stick out perpendicular to your
sand spike.

9. Put the bolt through the S hook eye you made,
through the PVC and attach the lock washer and
nut. It should look something like this.

10. Tighten it down and you are almost done.

11. The end of the PVC is a little rough. You need
sand it down some to keep it from scratching your
rod. Or, better, flare the PVC to make it easier to
put your rod into.

12. To flare the end, heat the PVC until it is soft.
I used a propane torch - probably got it a little too
hot herer - thats what happens when you are in  a

You can use your stove top by holding
it vertically over it - but dont allow it to touch the
burner or you will have a mess.

12. Once the end is soft from the heat, take it and
push it down over a beer bottle. This will flare the
end out.

13. Not a good job, you can do better than this -
but you get the ideal.

14. I had to use a knife to cut some of the burnt
stuff away for cosmetic reasons, would have
worked fine without it though.

13. A little sanding

14. And you are ready to fish
How to make a
Sand Spike for
fishing from the