In the August of 2008, I took a  14 hour trip on the New Florida Girl. Arrival was early, around 4:00 am if I remember correctly.
The boat pulled out of the slip shortly after 4:00 with about 30 fishermen on board and headed out of the harbor. Not much
going on at that time in the morning.
A pinfish trap had been set
the night before beside the
boat. It was pulled up just
before we left and the two
live wells were filled.

They allowed us to use some
of the live pin fish on the trip.

We headed to the south west of Destin, about an hour and a half ride, got to see a pretty sunrise
Most people laid down and tried to take a nap on the ride out.
People started to stir after about 45 minutes. A Yozuri Bonito lure was put out to troll and the mates started to prepare the bait,
some squid and Boston Mackerel.
Some bonita (Little Tunny) were caught and the mate filleted them for bait.
While one mate cut the bait into pieces, another one separated it into individual bowls that would be distributed to the fisherment.
Baskets were distributed to each fisherman for their catch and soon we were
on our first spot. Didn't take long for the first "FISH ON"call
First fish caught was an Amberjack by someone up front, nice way to start the day.
And other people started to catch fish too.
Taking a break as we move to another spot
A Mingo Snapper and an
Alamaco Jack on the same
line.  It wasn't very crowded
and lots of room to move
around in.
Plenty of room inside and time for a hamburger or some coffee.
Some experienced trolling lures waiting for the next fish.
End of the day, time to make the trip back in, the condos of Destin were a welcome sight.
The Destin bridge and entering the harbor. Looked a little different.
Time to get your stringer of fish.

Another day....
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