Alaqua Creek Boat Ramps and  Launches
South to North

Alaqua Drive Launch
South end Alaqua Drive
Freeport, FL


Fee: None

Located at the southern end of Alaqua Drive,
west of Freeport on Hwy 20. Provides carry in
access to the southern part of Alaqua Bayou.
Has a paved turnaround area but no designated
parking, will have to park on side of street.
Private property to the east, Eglin AFB reservation
to the west side of the street.

 last visited: Dec 2009

Eglin Rd 205 Bridge Launch
(Site C-6 Cutoff Rd)

Eglin AFB, FL


Fee: None

Canoe or kayak launch at the southwest end of the
Eglin Road 205 bridge crossing the Alaqua Creek.
Requires an Eglin permit from Jackson Guard. Dirt
path leading down from road. No designated parking
area, limited to a few vehicles. Alaqua Creek above
this bridge is closed to public access.

Alaqua Creek Boat Ramp
(Portland Park)
3609 Hwy 20 West
Portland, FL

GPS: N 30 30.768  W 86 11.582

Fee: None

Completely renovated in 2010, this is an excellent
single lane, concrete ramp with boarding docks on
either side of the ramp. Located on Alaqua Creek
south of the Hwy 20 bridge. Park has a dock along
the creek, covered pavilion, grills, picnic tables, and
parking for 20 vehicles in the gravel parking lot.

Last visited: Nov 2014

Alaqua Park Boat Ramp
(Hwy 20/Alaqua Creek Bridge)
16 John Sims Land (3266 Hwy 20)
Freeport, FL

GPS:  N 30 30.768  W 86 11.182

Fee: None

Excellent concrete ramp located on the northwest side
of the Hwy 20/Alaqua Creek bridge. Has a picnic
area, covered pavilion, swimming area, porta potti,
parking for 10-15 vehicles. Has a wood fishing dock
along Alaqua creek.

Last visited: November 2014

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