This web site is updated as I have time from other things going on. As there are a 1000 + different ways to do things, this is only
my way of fishing, nothing else,  and it is not the last word in fishing the area. I am by no means an expert but if you would like my opinion on something related to fishing the area,
please email me at  It may take a few days before I get to it, so be patient. Thanks.....

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Known as the "luckiest fishing village", Destin is the home to some of the best saltwater fishing in the United States. The 100 Fathom  (600' depth) Curve of the Gulf of Mexico draws closer
to Destin than any other spot in Florida. This, along  with  Destin's close  proximity  to  the East  Pass  and  the Gulf  of Mexico, allows quick access to the Gulf of Mexico's  fishing bounty.  
The  purpose  of  this site  is  to acquaint a new fisherman  to  the Destin area  -  our local facilities, fish, waters and fishing methods. Tight lines and good fishing!
Fishing Destin Guide©

A local's guide to fishing around Destin and the Florida Panhandle    
    (sorted by local name)
    (AL = Alabama area)
    (GOM = Gulf of Mexico wide)
    (mis = Mississippi area)

    AJ (AL)                                                  Greater Amberjack              SERIOLA DUMERILI
    Albert                                                     Little Tunny                         EUTHYNNUS ALLETTERATUS
    Albino Jack (AL)                                    Banded Rudderfish             SERIOLA ZONATA
    Alewife (GOM/mis)                                Gulf Menhaden                   BREVOORTIA PATRONUS
    All-Mouth                                               Goosefish                            LOPHIUS AMERICANUS

    Amberines (AL)                                     Banded Rudderfish             SERIOLA ZONATA
    Amberjack                                            Greater Amberjack               SERIOLA DUMMERILI
    American Red Snapper                        Red Snapper                       LUTJANUS CAMPECHANUS
    American Snapper                                Red Snapper                       LUTJANUS CAMPECHANUS
    Angelfish (mis)                                      Atlantic Spadefish               CHAETODIPTERUS FABER

    Anglerfish                                             Goosefish                             LOPHIUS AMERICANUS
    Arctic Bonito                                         Skipjack Tuna                      KATSUWONUS PELAMIS
    Banana Fish                                         Ladyfish                               ELOPS SAURUS
    Bar Drum                                              Black Drum                          POGONIAS CROMIS
    Barracuda                                             Great Barracuda                 SPHYRAENA BARRACUDA

    Beach Whiting                                      Gulf Kingfish                        MENTICIRRHUS LITTORALIS
    Beeline Snapper                                   Vermilion Snapper               RHOMBOPLITES AURORUBENS
    Bergall                                                  Cunner                                TAUTOGOLABRUS ADSPERSUS
    Big Jack                                                Jack Crevalle                      CARANX HIPPOS
    Big Red                                                 Red Drum (Large)               SCIAENOPS OCELLATA

    Black Bass                                           Black Seabass                     CENTROPRISTIS STRIATUS
    Black Dogfish (mis)                              Gulf Toadfish                       OPSANUS BETA
    Black Flounder                                     Winter Flounder                   PLEURONECTES AMERICANUS
    Black Grouper (mis)                             Gag Grouper                        MYCTEROPERCA MICROLEPIS
    Black Grouper (mis)                             Warsaw Grouper                  EPINEPHELUS NIGRITUS

    Black Jewfish                                       Warsaw Grouper                 EPINEPHELUS NIGRITUS
    Black Mullet                                          Striped Mullet                      MUGIL CEPHALUS
    Black Perch                                          White Perch                         MORONE AMERICANA
    Black Salmon                                       Cobia                                   RACHYCENTRON CANADUM
    Blackback                                             Winter Flounder                  PLUERONECTES AMERICANUS

    Blackfin Grouper                                   Black Grouper                     MYCTEROPERCA BONACI
    Blackfish                                               Black Seabass                    CENTROPRISTIS STRIATUS
    Blackfish                                               Tripletail                              LOBOTES SURINAMENSIS
    Blackfish                                               Rock Seabass                     CENTROPRISTIS PHILADELPHICUS
    Blackfish (Mid-Atl & CT)                       Tautog                                 TAUTOGA ONITIS

    Blackjack (AL)                                      Almaco Jack                         SERIOLA RIVOLIANA
    Blackwill                                               Black Seabass                     CENTROPRISTIS STRIATUS
    B-Liner                                                 Vermilion Snapper                RHOMBOPLITES AURORUBENS
    Blood Mouth                                         Tomtate                               HAEMULON AUROLINEATUM
    Blow Toad                                            Northern Puffer                   SPHOEROIDES MACULATUS

    Blowfish                                                Northern Puffer                   SPHOEROIDES MACULATUS
    Blue                                                      Bluefish                               POMATOMUS SALTATRIX
    Blue-Nosed Perch                                White Perch                        MORONE AMERICANA
    Blueperch                                             Cunner                                TAUTOGOLABRUS ADSPERSUS
    Bobo (AL)                                             Little Tunny                          EUTHYNNUS ALLETTERATUS

    Bonito                                                   Atlantic Bonito                     SARDA SARDA
    Bonito (mis)                                          Little Tunny                          EUTHYNNUS ALLETTERATUS
    Bonito (AL/mis)                                     Yellowfin Tuna (Small)        THUNNUS ALBACARES
    Boston Bluefish                                    Pollock                                 POLLACHIUS VIRENS
    Boston Mackerel                                   Atlantic Mackerel                SCOMBER SCOMBRUS

    Bream                                                   Pinfish                                 LAGODON RHOMBOIDES
    Brill                                                        Windowpane                       SCOPHTHALMUS AQUOSUS
    Brown Shark                                         Sandbar Shark                    CARCHARHINUS PLUMBEUS
    Bull Croaker                                          Atlantic Croaker                  MICROPOGONIAS UNDULATUS
    Bull Red  (AL)                                       Red Drum (Large)               SCIANOPS OCELLATUS

    Bulls                                                      Dolphin (Largemale)           CORYPHAENA HIPPURUS
    Bunker                                                  Atlantic Menhaden              BREVOORTIA TYRANNUS
    Buoy Tender                                        Tripletail                               LOBOTES SURINAMENSIS
    Buoyfish                                               Tripletail                               LOBOTES SURINAMENSIS
    Burglar Fish                                          Cunner                                TAUTOGOLABRUS ADSPERSUS

    Butterfish (GOM/mis)                            Pinfish                                 LAGODON RHOMBOIDES
    Butterfish (VA/mis)                                Scup                                    STENOTOMUS CRYSOPS
    California Red Snapper                        Vermilion Snapper               RHOMBOPLITES AURORUBENS
    Candy Snapper                                    Lane Snapper                      LUTJANUS SYNAGRIS
    Candy Striper                                       Lane Snapper                      LUTJANUS SYNAGRIS

    Cat                                                        Gafftopsail Catfish               BAGRE MARINUS
    Cat                                                        Sea Catfish                         ARIUS FELIS
    Catfish (mis)                                         Atlantic Wolffish                   ANARHICHAS LUPUS
    Cavalla                                                 King Mackerel                      SCOMBEROMORUS CAVALLA
    Channel Bass                                       Black Drum                          POGONIAS CROMIS

    Channel Bass                                       Red Drum                            SCIAENOPS OCELLATA
    Channel Catfish                                    Sea Catfish                         ARIUS FELIS
    Chaugi                                                  Cunner                                TAUTOGOLABRUS ADSPERSUS
    Chaugie                                                Cunner                                TAUTOGOLABRUS ADSPERSUS
    Chicken Dolphin                                   Pompano Dolphin                CORYPHAENA EQUISETIS

    Chicken Dolphin (AL)                            Dolphinfish (Small)             CORYPHAENA HIPPURUS
    Chicken Snapper                                  Red Snapper                      LUTJANUS CAMPECHANUS
    Chicken Snapper                                  Silk Snapper                       LUTJANUS VIVANUS
    Chobie                                                  Tripletail                              LOBOTES SURINAMENSIS
    Chocolate Grouper                               Snowy Grouper-Adult          EPINEPHELUS NIVEATUS

    Chogset                                                Cunner                                TAUTOGOLABRUS ADSPERSUS
    Chopper                                                Bluefish                               POMATOMUS SALTATRIX
    Chub                                                     Tautog                                TAUTOGA ONITIS
    Chub (N. Atl)                                         Mummichog                         FUNDULUS HETEROCLITUS
    Cigar Minnow                                       Round Scad                         DECAPTERUS PUNCTATUS

    Cod                                                       Atlantic Cod                        GADUS MORHUA
    Codfish                                                 Atlantic Cod                         GADUS MORHUA
    Codfish (VA)                                         Spotted Hake                      UROPHYCIS REGIA
    Codlet (VA)                                           Spotted Hake                      UROPHYCIS REGIA
    Colorful Tilefish                                    Tilefish                                 LOPHOLATILUS CHAMAELEONTICEPS

    Common Grunt                                     White Grunt                         HAEMULON PLUMIERI
    Common Skate                                     Little Skate                          RAJA ERINACEA
    Cows                                                    Dolphin (Large Female)       CORYPHAENA HIPPURUS
    Crab Cruncher (AL)                              Cobia                                   RACHYCENTRON CANADUM
    Crab-Eater                                            Cobia                                   RACHYCENTRON CANADUM

    Crazyfish (AL)                                       Atlantic Bumper                   CHLOROSCOMBRUS CHRYSURUS
    Crevalla                                                Jack Crevalle                      CARANX HIPPOS
    Croaker                                                 Atlantic Croaker                  MICROPOGON UNDULATUS
    Croaker (Chesapeake)                         Black Drum                          POGONIAS CROMIS
    Cuban Hogfish                                      Spotfin Hogfish                   BODIANUS PULCHELLUS

    Cuban Snapper                                    Cubera Snapper                  LUTJANUS CYANOPTERUS
    Cuda                                                     Great Barracuda                 SPHYRAENA BARRACUDA
    Daytona Red Snapper                          Red Snapper                       LUTJANUS CAMPHECHANUS
    Dog Bass                                              Red Drum (Large)               SCIAENOPS OCELLATA
    Donkeys (AL)                                        Sheepshead                        ARCHOSARGUS PROBATOCEPHALUS

    Doormat                                                Summer Flounder               PARALICHTHYS DENTATUS
    Dorado                                                  Dolphin                               CORYPHAENA HIPPURUS
    Drum                                                     Black Drum                         POGONIAS CROMIS
    Eel                                                        American Eel                       ANGUILLA ROSTRATA
    Eel Sucker (AL)                                    Cobia                                   RACHYCENTRON CANADUM

    Fair Maid                                              Scup                                    STENOTOMUS CHRYSOPS
    False Albacore                                     Little Tunny                          EUTHYNNUS ALLETTERATUS
    Fatback                                                Atlantic Menhaden               BREVOORTIA TYRANNUS
    Feather Dolphin                                   Dolphin (Small)                    CORYPHAENA HIPPURUS
    Flannelmouth Grunt                             Tomtate                               HAEMULON AUROLINEATUM

    Flatfish                                                  Flounder (Any)

    Florida Cod                                          Southern Hake                     UROPHYCIS FLORIDANA
    Fluke                                                    Summer Flounder                PARALICHTHYS DENTATUS
    Football                                                Atlantic Bonito                      SARDA SARDA
    Football Tuna                                       Blackfin Tuna                      THUNNUS ATLANTICUS
    Footballfish (mis)                                  Blackfin Tuna                      THUNNUS ATLANTICUS

    Freshwater Eel                                      American Eel                      ANGUILLA ROSTRATA
    Frostfish                                                Silver Hake                         MERLUCCIUS BILINEARIS
    Frostfish                                                Atlantic Tomcod                  MICROGADUS TOMCOD
    Gafftopsail Pompano                             Palometa                            TRACHINOTUS GOODEI
    Galvanized Snapper (AL)                      Whitebone Porgy                CALAMUS LEUCOSTEUS

    Gaspergou (LA)                                    Freshwater Drum                APLODINOTUS GRUNNIENS
    Giant Seabass                                      Jewfish                               EPINEPHELUS ITAJARA
    Giant Seabass                                      Warsaw Grouper                EPINEPHELUS NIGRITUS
    Globefish                                               Northern Puffer                  SPHOEROIDES MACULATUS
    Goggle-Eyes                                         Bigeye Scad                       SELAR CRUMENOPHTHALMUS

    Golden Shiner                                       Atlantic Tarpon-Young       ATLANTICUS MEGALOPS
    Golden Spot                                          Spot (Large)                       LEIOSTOMUS XANTHURUS
    Golden-Eyed Snapper                          Silk Snapper                       LUTJANUS VIVANUS
    Grasshoppers                                       Dolphin (Small)                   CORYPHAENA HIPPURUS
    Gray Grouper                                       Gag Grouper                       MYCTEROPERCA MICROLEPIS

    Gray Mullet                                           Striped Mullet                      MUGIL CEPHALUS
    Gray Seatrout                                       Weakfish                             CYNOSCION REGALIS
    Gray Trout                                            Weakfish                             CYNOSCION REGALIS
    Gray Weakfish                                      Weakfish                             CYNOSCION REGALIS
    Great Pompano                                    Permit                                  TRACHINOTUS FALCATUS

    Green Seabass                                    Black Seabass                     CENTROPRISTIS STRIATUS
    Green Trout                                          Largemouth Bass                MICROPTERUS SALMOIDES
    Ground Mullet                                       Kingfish (Any)                      MENTICIRRHUS SPP.
    Grunt                                                    White Grunt                         HAEMULON PLUMIERI
    Grunt                                                    Pigfish                                  ORTHOPRISTIS CHRYSOPTERA

    Hacklehead                                          Searobin (Any)                    TRIGLIDAE SPP.
    Hake (AL/mis)                                       Bearded Brotula                  BROTULA BARBATA
    Hardhead                                              Gafftopsail Catfish              BAGRE MARINUS
    Hardhead                                              Sea Catfish                         ARIUS FELIS
    Hardhead (Chesapeake)                      Atlantic Croaker                   MICROPOGON UNDULATUS

    Hardtail                                                 Blue Runner                       CARANX CRYSOS
    Hog Snapper                                        Hogfish                                LACHNOLAIMUS MAXIMUS
    Hogfish (mis)                                        Pigfish                                  ORTHOPRISTIS CHRYSOPTERA
    Jack                                                      Blue Runner                        CARANX CRYSOS
    Jack                                                      Jack Crevalle                      CARANX HIPPOS

    Jack Hammer                                       Greater Amberjack              SERIOLA DUMMERILI
    Jack Perch                                           Yellow Perch                        PERCA FLAVESCENS
    Jackfish                                                Jack Crevalle                       CARANX HIPPOS
    Jewfish (mis)                                         Warsaw Grouper                EPINEPHELUS NIGRITUS
    Jewfish (AL/mis)                                    Goliath Grouper                  EPINEPHELUS ITAJARA

    Jumping Mullet                                     Striped Mullet                      MUGIL CEPHALUS
    Key West Grunt                                    White Grunt                         HAEMULON PLUMIERI
    King                                                      King Mackerel                     SCOMBEROMORUS CAVALLA
    King Whiting                                         Kingfish (Any)                     MENTICIRRHUS SPP.
    Kingfish (mis)                                        King Mackerel                     SCOMBEROMORUS CAVALLA

    Kitty Mitchell                                         Speckled Hind                     EPINEPHELUS DRUMMONDHAYI
    Lafayette                                               Spot                                    LEIOSTOMUS XANTHURUS
    Leatherjacket (mis)                               Gray Triggerfish                  BALISTES CAPRISCUS
    Leatherneck                                          Gray Triggerfish                  BALISTES CAPRISCUS
    Lemon Sole                                          Winter Flounder                   PLEURONECTES AMERICANUS

    Lemonfish (East GOM)                         Cobia                                  RACHYCENTRON CANADUM
    Leopard Shark                                      Tiger Shark                         GALEOCERDO CUVIERI
    Linesides                                              Striped Bass                        MORONE SAXATILIS
    Ling (GOM)                                           Cobia                                  RACHYCENTRON CANADUM
    Ling (Mid-Atl)                                        White Hake                          UROPHYCIS TENUIS

    Ling (Mid-Atl)                                        Red Hake                            UROPHYCIS CHUSS
    Ling Cod                                               Red Hake                            UROPHYCIS CHUSS
    Longfin Pompano                                  Palometa                            TRACHINOTUS GOODEI
    Longspine Porgy (mis)                          Scup                                   STENOTOMUS CHRYSOPS
    Machete                                                Ladyfish                              ELOPS SAURUS

    Mango Snapper                                    Gray Snapper                     LUTJANUS GRISEUS
    Mangrove Snapper                               Gray Snapper                     LUTJANUS GRISEUS
    Mashwadan (LA)                                   Sea Catfish                         ARIUS FELIS
    Mingo Snapper                                     Vermillion Snapper              RHOMBOPLITES AURORUBENS
    Minkfish (GOM)                                    Northern Kingfish                MENTICIRRHUS SAXATILIS

    Monkfish                                               Goosefish                            LOPHIUS AMERICANUS
    Moon Fish                                             Atlantic Spadefish               CHAETODIPTERUS FABER
    Mossbunker                                          Atlantic Menhaden              BREVOORTIA TYRANNUS
    Mother-In-Law Fish (N. Atl)                   Red Raven                          HEMITRIPTERUS AMERICANUS
    Mud Shad (AL)                                      Gizzard Shad                      DOROSOMA CEPEDIANUM

    Muddab                                                 Winter Flounder                  PLEURONECTES AMERICANUS
    Mules                                                    Red Snapper                       LUTJANUS CAMPECHANUS
    Mullet (mis)                                           Kingfish (Any)                      MENTICIRRHUS SPP.
    Mutton Snapper (mis)                           Vermilion Snapper               RHOMBOPLITES AURORUBENS
    Muttonfish                                             Mutton Snapper                  LUTJANUS ANALIS

    Nelly Hunt                                             Scup                                    STENOTOMUS CHRYSOPS
    Night Sergeant                                      Sergeant Taurus                ABUDEFDUF TAURUS
    Norfolk Spot                                          Spot                                    LEIOSTOMUS XANTHURUS
    Northern Fluke                                      Summer Flounder               PARALICHTHYS DENTATUS
    Northern Mackerel (GOM)                    Atlantic Bonito                     SARDA SARDA

    Ocean Perch                                        Golden Redfish                   SEBASTES MARINUS
    Oceanic Bonita                                     Skipjack Tuna                     KAYSUWONUS PELAMIS
    Ocean-View Spot                                  Spot                                    LEIOSTOMUS XANTHURUS
    Oyster Cracker                                     Oyster Toadfish                  OPSANUS TAU
    Pearlbelly (AL)                                      Red Snapper (X-Large)       LUTJANUS CAMPECHANUS

    Perch (mis)                                           Cunner                                TAUTOGOLABUS ADSPERSUS
    Phantom                                               Bonefish                              ALBULA VULPES
    Pigfish (mis)                                          Hogfish                                LACHNOLAIMUS MAXIMUS
    Pilot Whales                                         Tautog                                 TAUTOGA ONITIS
    Pinbass                                                 Black Seabass                   CENTROPRISTIS STRIATUS

    Pinhead                                                Atlantic Croaker                   MICROPOGON UNDULATUS
    Pink Porgy                                            Red Porgy                           PAGRUS PAGRUS
    Pinky                                                     Red Porgy                           PAGRUS PAGRUS
    Plaice                                                    Summer Flounder               PARALICHTHYS DENTATUS
    Pogy                                                      Menhaden (Any)                 BREVOORTIA SPP.

    Pompano                                              Florida Pompano                 TRACHINOTUS CAROLINUS
    Pompano                                              Pompano Dolphin                CORYPHAENA EQUISETIS
    Pompey Drum                                       Black Drum (Young)            POGONIAS CROMIS
    Popeye                                                 Striped Mullet                      MUGIL CEPHALUS
    Porgy (North Of Del Bay)                     Scup                                    STENOTOMUS CHRYSOPS

    Puffer                                                    Northern Puffer                   SPHOEROIDES MACULATUS
    Puppy Drum                                          Black Drum (Young)           POGONIAS CROMIS
    Puppy Drum                                          Red Drum (Small)               SCIAENOPS OCELLATA
    Rabbitfish                                             Smooth Puffer                     LAGOCEPHALUS LAEVIGATUS
    Racing Snapper (AL)                            Lane Snapper                     LUTJANUS SYNAGRIS

    Rat Reds (AL)                                       Red Drum                            SCIANOPS OCELLATUS
    Rats                                                      Red Snapper                       LUTJANUS CAMPECHANUS
    Red Bass                                              Red Drum                            SCIAENOPS OCELLATA
    Red Horse                                            Red Drum                            SCIAENOPS OCELLATA
    Red Mouth                                            Tomtate                               HAEMULON AUROLINEATUM

    Red Mouth Grunt                                  White Grunt                         HAEMULON PLUMIERI
    Red Porgy (mis)                                    Scup                                   STENOTOMUS CHRYSOPS
    Redfish                                                 Golden Redfish                   SEBASTES MARINUS
    Redfish (FL & GOM)                             Red Drum                           SCIAENOPS OCELLATA
    Redtail Snapper                                    Lane Snapper                     LUTJANUS SYNAGRIS

    Reef Bass                                             Red Drum                           SCIAENOPS OCELLATA
    Ringed Perch                                        Yellow Perch                      PERCA FLAVESCENS
    Rock (Chesapeake & North)                Striped Bass                        MORONE SAXATILIS
    Rock Bass                                            Black Seabass                    CENTROPRISTIS STRIATUS
    Rock Bass                                            Rock Seabass                    CENTROPRISTIS PHILADELPHICUS

    Rock Salmon                                        Almaco Jack                        SERIOLA RIVOLIANA
    Rock Salmon                                        Bluefish                               POMATOMUS SALTATRIX
    Rock Salmon (AL)                                 Banded Rudderfish            SERIOLA ZONATA
    Rock Squirrel                                        Bank Seabass                    CENTROPRISTIS OCYURUS
    Rockfish (mis)                                       Bank Seabass                    CENTROPRISTIS OCYURUS

    Rockfish (mis)                                       Striped Bass                       MORONE SAXATILIS
    Rose Porgy                                           Red Porgy                          PAGRUS PAGRUS
    Rosefish                                                Golden Redfish                  SEBASTES MARINUS
    Round Pompano                                   Permit (Small)                     TRACHINOTUS FALCATUS
    Roundhead                                           Kingfish (Any)                      MENTICIRRHUS SPP.

    Ruby Lips (AL)                                      Tomtate                              HAEMULON AUROLINEATUM
    Ruby Red Lips (E. GOM)                      White Grunt                        HAEMULON PLUMIERI
    Ruby Red Lips (N. GOM)                     Tomtate                               HAEMULON AUROLINEATUM
    Rum Jugs                                              Little Tunny                         EUTHYNNUS ALLETTERATUS
    Runner                                                  Blue Runner                       CARANX CRYSOS

    Sail Cat                                                 Gafftopsail Catfish              BAGRE MARINUS
    Sailfish                                                  Atlantic Sailfish                    ISTIOPHORUS PLATYPTERUS
    Sailors Choice (mis)                             Pigfish                                  ORTHOPRISTIS CHRYSOPTERA
    Salmon Trout                                        Spotted Seatrout                 CYNOSCION NEBULOSUS
    Saltwater Bream                                   Pinfish                                 LAGODON RHOMBOIDES

    Saltwater Pike                                      Snook                                  CENTROPOMUS UNDECIMALIS
    Sand Dab                                              Windowpane                       SCOPHTHALMUS AQUOSUS
    Sand Eel                                               American Sand Lance         AMMODYTES HEXAPTERUS
    Sand Flounder                                      Windowpane                       SCOPHTHALMUS AQUOSUS
    Sand Mullet                                           Kingfish (Any)                     MENTICIRRHUS SPP.

    Sand Perch (mis)                                  Silver Perch                         BAIRDIELLA CHRYSURA
    Sand Shark (GOM, juv)                        Dusky Shark                        CARCHARHINUS OBSCURUS
    Sand Shark (NY & North)                     Spiny Dogfish                      SQUALIS ACANTHIAS
    Sand Trout                                           Silver Seatrout                     CYNOSCION NOTHUS
    School Bass                                         Red Drum (Small)                SCIAENOPS OCELLATA

    Sea Bass                                              Black Seabass                    CENTROPRISTIS STRIATUS
    Sea Bass                                              Red Drum                            SCIAENOPS OCELLATA
    Sea Bass                                              Rock Seabass                     CENTROPRISTIS PHILADELPHICUS
    Sea Cat                                                Sea Catfish                          ARIUS FELIS
    Sea Eel                                                 Conger Eel                          CONGER OCEANICUS

    Sea Flounder                                        Winter Flounder                  PSEUDOPLEURONECTES
    AMERICANUS Sea Mullet (NC)                                    Kingfish (Any)                      MENTICIRRHUS SPP
    Sea Squab                                            Northern Puffer                   SPHOEROIDES MACULATUS
    Sea Trout                                              Weakfish                            CYNOSCION REGALIS
    Sergeant Fish                                       Cobia                                  RACHYCENTRON CANADUM

    Sheephead                                           Sheepshead                        ARCHOSARGUS PROBATOCEPHALUS
    Shiner (N. Atl)                                       Tidewater Silverside           MENIDIA BERYLLINA
    Shiner (S. Atl/GOM)                             Silver Perch                         BAIRDIELLA CHRYSURA
    Sierra                                                    Spanish Mackerel               SCOMBEROMORUS MACULATUS
    Silky Snapper                                       Silk Snapper                        LUTJANUS VIVANUS

    Silver Ghost                                          Bonefish                              ALBULA VULPES
    Silver King                                            Atlantic Tarpon                    TARPON ATLANTICA
    Silver Mullet (AL)                                  White Mullet                        MUGIL CUREMA
    Silver Perch (mis)                                 White Perch                         MORONE AMERICANA
    Silver Snapper (mis)                             Red Porgy                           PAGRUS PAGRUS

    Silver Snapper (mis)                             Whitebone Porgy                CALAMUS LEUCOSTEUS
    Silver Squeteague                                Silver Seatrout                    CYNOSCION NOTHUS
    Silver Whiting                                       Gulf Kingfish                        MENTICIRRHUS LITTORALIS
    Silverfish                                               Silver Hake                         MERLUCCIUS BILINEARIS
    Skilletfish (mis)                                      Goosefish                           LOPHIUS AMERICANUS

    Skipjack                                                Bluefish                               POMATOMUS SALTATRIX
    Skipjack                                                Ladyfish                               ELOPS SAURUS
    Skipjack                                                Skipjack Tuna                     KATSUWONUS PELAMIS
    Slammer                                                Bluefish                               POMATOMUS SALTATRIX
    Slime Eel                                               Atlantic Hagfish                   MYINIE GLUTINOSA

    Slimer                                                   Atlantic Croaker                   MICROPOGON UNDULATUS
    Slippery Bass                                       Tautog                                 TAUTOGA ONITIS
    Smokers                                               King Mackerel (Large)         SCOMBEROMORUS CAVALLA
    Snakes                                                 King Mackerel (Small)         SCOMBEROMORUS CAVALLA
    Snapper (mis)                                       Bluefish (Small)                   POMATOMUS SALTATRIX

    Snowshoes                                           Winter Flounder                  PSEUDOPLEURONECTES
    Sow Snappers                                      Red Snapper                       LUTJANUS CAMPECHANUS
    Speck                                                   Spotted Seatrout                 CYNOSCION NEBULOSUS
    Speedo (AL)                                         Blue Runner (Small)           CARANX CRYSOS
    Sperling/Spurling (NE)                          Atlantic Silverside               MENIDIA MENIDIA

    Spinner Shark (mis)                              Blacktip Shark                     CARCHARHINUS LIMBATUS
    Spot Bass                                             Red Drum                            SCIAENOPS OCELLATA
    Spot Snapper                                        Lane Snapper                     LUTJANUS SYNAGRIS
    Spot Snappers                                      Red Snapper (Small)          LUTJANUS CAMPECHANUS
    Spottail Bass (SC & GA)                       Red Drum                           SCIAENOPS OCELLATA

    Spotted Flounder                                  Windowpane                       SCOPHTHALMUS AQUOSUS
    Spotted Grouper                                   Jewfish                                EPINEPHELUS ITAJARA
    Spotted Jewfish                                    Jewfish                                EPINEPHELUS ITAJARA
    Spotted Weakfish                                 Spotted Seatrout                 CYNOSCION NEBULOSUS
    Sprat                                                     Atlantic Tarpon                    MEGALOPS ATLANTICA

    Squeteague (N. Atl)                              Weakfish                             CYNOSCION REGALIS
    Squirrel Hake                                        Red Hake                           UROPHYCIS CHUSS
    Squirrelfish (Fl/mis)                               Silver Perch                        BAIRDIELLA CHRYSURA
    Squirrelfish (mis)                                   Bank Seabass                    CENTROPRISTIS OCYURUS
    Squirrelfish (mis)                                   Pinfish                                 LAGODON RHOMBOIDES

    Squirrelfish (N. GOM)                           Sand Perch                         DIPLECTRUM FORMOSUM
    Stiff-Back Perch                                    White Perch                        MORONE AMERICANA
    Strawberry Grouper                              Speckled Hind                     EPINEPHELUS DRUMMONDHAYI
    Strawberry Porgy                                  Red Porgy                           PAGRUS PAGRUS
    Striped Bonito (mis)                              Skipjack Tuna                     KATSUWONUS PELAMIS

    Striped Perch                                        Yellow Perch                      PERCA FLAVESCENS
    Striper                                                   Striped Bass                       MORONE SAXATILIS
    Sugar Toad                                          Northern Puffer                   SPHOEROIDES MACULATUS
    Sugar Trout (GOM)                              Silver Seatrout                    CYNOSCION NOTHUS        
    Sugar Trout (S. Atl)                              Silver Perch                         BAIRDIELLA CHRYSURA

    Summer Skate                                      Little Skate                          RAJA ERINACEA
    Summer Trout                                      Weakfish                              CYNOSCION REGALIS
    Sundial                                                 Windowpane                       SCOPHTHALMUS AQUOSUS
    Sunshine Bass                                     Hybrid Striped Bass            MORONE SAXATILIS x M.CHRYSOPS
    Sweetfish (AL)                                      Silver Perch                         BAIRDIELLA CHRYSOURA

    Swell Toad                                           Northern Puffer                    SPHOEROIDES MACULATUS
    Swellfish                                               Northern Puffer                    SPHOEROIDES MACULATUS
    Taly                                                      Grey Triggerfish                  BALISTES CAPRISCUS
    Taylor                                                   Bluefish                               POMATOMUS SALTATRIX        
    Tenpounder                                          Ladyfish                              ELOPS SAURUS

    Tinker Mackerel                                    Atlantic Mackerel(Small)     SCOMBER SCOMBRUS
    Tommy Cod                                          Atlantic Tomcod                  MICROGADUS TOMCOD
    Top Cat                                                Gafftopsail Catfish               BAGRE MARINUS
    Toro                                                      Jack Crevalle                      CARANX HIPPOS
    Trout                                                     Seatrout (Any)                     CYNOSCION SPP.

    Warsaw                                                 Warsaw Grouper                EPINEPHELUS NIGRITUS
    Watermelon Tuna                                 Skipjack Tuna                     KATSUWONUS PELAMIS
    Weakfish (LA/mis)                                 Spotted Seatrout                CYNOSCION NEBULOSUS
    Weakie                                                  Weakfish                            CYNOSCION REGALIS
    Weakmouth Trout                                 Weakfish                             CYNOSCION REGALIS

    White Bait                                             Scaled Sardine                    HARENGULA PENSACOLAE
    White Chin                                            Tautog                                TAUTOGA ONITIS
    White Perch (mis)                                 Silver Perch                         BAIRDIELLA CHRYSURA
    White Rock                                           Striped Bass                        MORONE SAXATILIS
    White Sand Perch                                Silver Perch                         BAIRDIELLA CHRYSURA

    White Shad                                           American Shad                   ALOSA SAPIDISSIMA
    White Snapper                                      Gray Snapper                     LUTJANUS GRISEUS
    White Snapper                                      Whitebone Porgy                CALAMUS LEUCOSTEUS
    White Snapper (AL)                              Red Porgy                           PAGRUS PAGRUS
    White Trout                                          Sand Seatrout                      CYNOSCION ARENARIUS

    White Trout                                          Silver Seatrout                     CYNOSCION NOTHUS
    Whiting (AL)                                         Gulf Kingfish                         MENICIRRHUS LITTORALIS
    Whiting (N. Of Del Bay)                        Silver Hake                          MERLUCCIUS BILINEARIS
    Whiting (S. Of Del Bay)                        Kingfish (Any)                      MENTICIRRHUS SPP.
    Winter Trout (S. Atl)                             Spotted Seatrout                 CYNOSCION NEBULOSUS

    Yellow Mouth Trout                              Weakfish                             CYNOSCION REGALIS
    Yellow-Eyed Snapper                           Silk Snapper                       LUTJANUS VIVANUS
    Yellowfin                                               Spot                                    LEIOSTOMUS XANTHURUS
    Yellowfin Trout                                     Weakfish                             CYNOSCION REGALIS
    Yellowtail                                              Silver Perch                         BAIRDIELLA CHRYSURA

    Yellowtail                                              Yellow Jack                         CARANX BARTHOLOMAEI
    Yellowtail                                              Yellowtail Snapper              OCYURUS CHRYSURUS
    Yellowtail Jack                                     Jack Crevalle                       CARANX HIPPOS
    Yodeling Trout                                      Atlantic Croaker                  MICROPOGON UNDULATUS