Cessna Landing Boat Ramp
N CR 393
Santa Rosa Beach, FL  32459
GPS: N 30 23.922 W 86 13.730

Fee: None
An excellent single, 2 lane concrete boat ramp renovated in May 2011. Both
sides of ramp have L shaped loading docks, as well as a sandy beach area to
land your boat on.  This new ramp is angled to give more room to maneuver
your boat once launched. Designated parking for about 15 vehicles with
trailers, additional parking for single vehicles. This Walton County park has
bathrooms, a playground, basketball court, a picnic area with covered tables,
grills,and a fishing dock.
Hwy 393 Boat Ramp
3198 N CR 393 (North end Hwy 393)
Santa Rosa Beach, FL  32459
GPS: N 30 25.158  W 086 13.672
Fee: None
Single lane, newly constructed concrete boat ramp designated parking, small
pad on west side of road for backing into and turning around. Private property
on either side of ramp.

Pitts Bayshore Drive Boat Ramp
Freeport, FL  32439

GPS: N 30 25.787  W 86 07.238

Fee: None

Unimproved landing on the southern end of Black Creek. No designated boat
ramp but looks like small boats could be launched there from the shore.

Shipyard Road Boat Ramp
South end, Shipyard Road
Freeport , FL
GPS: N 30 29.180  W 086 08.198
Fee: None
Excellent paved single lane ramp located intersection of Four Mile & Lafayette
Creek at the north end of LaGrange Bayou. The boat ramp is actually on
Lafayette Creek. Paved parking for 8 vehicles with trailers. Bathrooms, trash
receptacles available. A seawall runs along the length of Lafayette Creek. One
covered picnic area. Operated by the City of Freeport.

Four Mile Creek Boat Ramp
CR 83 (E Bay Loop Rd)/Four Mile Creek Bridge
Freeport, FL
GPS : N 30 29.506 W 86 8.402
Fee: None
Renovated in 2010, ramp is an excellent wide single lane concrete ramp.
Paved parking for 9 vehicles with trailers, boarding docks, and lights. The ramp
ends at the end of the docks, so be aware of that. Operated by the City of

Alaqua South Boat Ramp
(Portland Park)
3609 State Highway 20 West
Portland, FL
GPS: N 30 30.768  W 086 11.582
Fee: None
Completely renovated in 2010, this is an excellent single lane, concrete ramp
with boarding docks on both side of the ramp. Located on Alaqua Creek south
of the Hwy 20 bridge, provides access to Alaqua bayou. Has a dock, covered
pavilion with grills, picnic tables. Parking for around 20 vehicles.

Alaqua Park (North) Boat Ramp
(north of the Hwy20/Alaqua Creek bridge)
16 John Sims Lane (3266 hwy 20 W)
Freeport, FL  
N 30 30.768    W 086 11.182
Fee: None
Excellent concrete ramp located just north of the Hwy 20 Bridge over Alaqua
Creek. Picnic area, Porta Potti, and covered pavilion with paved parking for
about 10-15 vehicles/trailers. Has wooden dock along Alaqua Creek.

Basin Bayou Boat Ramp
(Nick's Seafood Boat Ramp)
7585 West Hwy 20
Freeport, FL  32439
N  30 29.205  W 086 15.046
Fee: None
Privately owned, single paved ramp at Nick's Seafood next to the Hwy 20/Basin
Bayou bridge.  You must go under the Hwy 20 bridge to get to Basin Bayou,
vertical clearance varies from 3 to 6'. Use of ramp is normally free of charge,
check at Nick's Seafood Restaurant.
(Nick's Seafood Restaurant)  Call (850)
835-2222 for information and hours of operation.

Ft Rucker Rec Area Boat Ramp
(Eglin AFB property)
West Hwy 20
Freeport, FL  32439
GPS: N  30 28.546  W 086 18.779


Choctaw Beach Boat Ramp
12481 State Highway 20 West
Choctaw Beach, FL
GPS: N 30 28.623 W 086 19.875
Fee: None
Single lane concrete boat ramp on the northern side of Choctawhatchee Bay.
Unimproved parking area in park for about 20-25 vehicles. Park is operated by
Walton County and has a bathroom and picnic area.

Last visited:

Don Bishop Road Boat Ramp
1410 Don Bishop Road (North end Don Bishop Rd)
Santa Rosa Beach, FL  32459
GPS: N 30 23.900  W 086 16.748
Fee: None
Single lane unimproved boat ramp located at the end of Don Bishop Road on
the south side of ramp, better ones close by. No designated parking area,
private property on either side of ramp.
No turnaround area, you must back up several hundred feet.

East Hewett Road Boat Ramp
North end of East Hewett Road
Santa Rosa Beach, FL  32459
GPS: N 30 23.900 W 086 16.748
No Fee
Packed gravel single lane ramp with shallow water around it. Not for big boats,
shallow draft only. Located on the north end of  E Hewett Rd, on the south side
of Choctawhatchee Bay.  No designated parking area, could get 1 -2 vehicles
on the side of the ramp/road. Land to the east belongs to Walton County.

Legion Park Boat Ramp
119 Crest Drive
Destin, FL  32550
GPS: N 30 23.13.22  W 086 21.527
Fee: None
Single lane concrete ramp that ends just after entering the water. Located on
the south side of Choctawhatchee Bay, water is very shallow here. Probably
only good for launching shallow draft boats. Parking for about 10-15 vehicles
with trailers. Walton County operated park that has picnic tables, bathrooms,
playground, basketball court, shuffleboard court.

Bay Circle Drive Boat Ramp
Bay Circle Drive
Santa Rosa Beach, FL  32459
N 30 23.900   W 086 16.992
Fee: None
Single lane boat ramp located at the end of Bay Circle Drive. In rough shape.
Limited parking for 1- 2 vehicles on side of road.
Fisherman's Cove Marina Boat Ramp
655 Marina Village Blvd
Freeport, FL 32439
(850) 835-2035
GPS : N 30 28.372 W 86 8.385
Fee: None, open to public
New boat ramp on the west side of Alaqua Bayou just southwest of Freeport.
Non-ethanol fuel.36 boat slips for lease with water & power. Marina
store,restaurant, diesel fuel coming soon. Hours:
Friday thru Monday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm,
Tuesday thru Thursday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.
Last visited: Jan 2011

Point Washington Boat Ramp
492 N Eden Park Drive (North end of CR 395 N)
Santa Rosa Beach, FL  32459
GPS: N 30 23.701  W 086 11.721
Fee: None
Single lane, concrete/packed sand boat ramp. Renovated in 2011. A loading
dock was built on the east side of the ramp and another nice dock on the west
side.  The road/approaches has been newly paved with marked parking area
for about 5-8 vehicles with trailers on the east side of CR 395. No bathroom or
other facilities. Walton County operated ramp.

Live Oak Landing Boat Ramp
229 Pitts Ave
Freeport, FL 32439
(877) 436-5063
GPS: N 30 36.383  W 86 01.412
Fee: None, registered campers only, NOT
open to the public
Located near the mouth of Black Creek near Rushing Cutoff, nice concrete boat
ramp located within the Live Oak Landing RV park. Parking for about 6-8
vehicles with trailers at the ramp.
A little help please.......  
Lot's of boat ramps to keep an eye on, so if you have an observation or report that you think will help your fellow fisherman on a particular boat ramp, please send me an email to:    
fishingdestinguide@cox.net   I am particularly looking for information about launching at the ramp, any hazards or other things to watch out for. You will get full credit for the report or any photos. Help
a fellow fisherman out who is not familiar with your area and that will make it that much easier for you when you visit a new area.   Thanks . . . . .
Thomas Pilcher Recreational Area
Hwy 331 Bridge
FDOT Park Update
The Hwy 331 bridge construction is slated to be complete this spring (2017). All of the previous boat ramps
have been removed. The new Thomas Pilcher Recreational Area will be located under the south end of the
bridge, with access from the north bound lane of Hwy 331. It will consist of 4 concrete ramps with loading
docks, pavilions, a bathroom, and a 380' fishing pier. There will be no charge to use the facility.  For the latest
information, go to the
FDOT USHwy331 Facebook  page.  
Destin Area Saltwater Boat Ramps
Includes Okaloosa & Walton County
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Destin PRIMARY RAMPS - East of the mid-bay bridge

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Secondary boat ramps  - East of the Mid-Bay Bridge
These ramps have restrictions that may make them unsuitable for some boats.

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Alaqua Drive Launch
South End, Alaqua Drive
Freeport, FL  32439

N 30 29.280 W 086 29.448
Fee: None
Launch area for kayaks, canoes, etc. No Ramp. Parking for 2-3 vehicles