Poquito Bayou Park Boat Ramp
(Longwood Park)
Shalimar, FL
(850) 689-5772
GPS: N 30 27.19  W 086 35.50
Fee: None
Located on Poquito Bayou on the north side of Choctawhatchee Bay. Excellent
single land paved boat ramp with boarding dock. Picnic area, bathroom. You
will need to go under the Shalimar Bridge to get to the Destin East Pass. An
Okaloosa County operated boat ramp and park.
Edrehi Avenue Boat Ramp
(Swift Bayou Boat Ramp)
211 Edrehi Avenue
Niceville, FL
(850) 689-5772
GPS: N 30 30.36  W 086 27.19
Fee: None
Single lane concrete ramp on Swift Bayou off of Rocky Bayou on the north side
of Choctawhatchee Bay. Parking for about 8 vehicles with trailers on the west
side of the street.  No bathrooms or other facilities present.  Sign states closed
from 10:00 PM to 5:00 AM. An Okaloosa County operated ramp. Click on the
following links for more information:

Pocahontas Drive Boat Ramp
565A Pocahontas Drive
Ft Walton Beach, Fl  32547
(850) 689-5772
GPS: N 30 25.54  W 086 37.19
Fee: None
Single lane ramp in poor condition on the north shore of Cinco Bayou. Located
at the end of a long alley bordered by 6' high wooden privacy fences and private
homes.  Pavement stops at the water's edge. No parking.  Recommended for
trailerless shallow draft boats only.  Okaloosa County operated boat ramp.

Rickey Avenue Boat Ramp
165 Rickey Avenue,
Ft Walton Beach, Fl  32547
(850) 689-5772
GPS: N 30 26.55  W 086 36.04
Fee: None
Single lane concrete boat ramp. Located on Poquito Bayou, the ramp entrance
is bordered by residential 6' high privacy fences. There is limited unimproved
parking  on the west side of Rickey Ave at the entrance to the ramp for about 3-5
vehicles with trailer. Operated by Okaloosa County.

Twin Cities Park Boat Ramp
198 N John Sims Parkway
Niceville, FL
(850) 729-5402
GPS: N 30 31.06  W 086 29.54
Fee: None
Operating Hours: 24 hours for boat launching
Newly renovated in 2010, this is an excellent wide, single lane ramp at the
north end of Boggy Bayou in Niceville. It is a popular takeout spot for kayakers
coming down Turkey Creek. Park has bathroom facilities, dock, covered picnic
tables, and ample parking area. City of Valparaiso operated park.

Eglin AFB - Postl Point Boat Ramp
120 Flagler Rd
Eglin AFB, FL
GPS: N 30 28.59  W 086 28.58
Fee: None  (Military only)
Wide concrete ramp on Weekly Bayou off Boggy Bayou on the north east end of
the main Eglin AFB.  Boarding docks. Parking for about 15-20 vehicles with
trailers. Marina has gas, docks, snacks, frozen bait, bathrooms, picnic area.

Meig's Park Boat Ramp
45A Meigs Drive
Shalimar, FL
(850) 689-5772
GPS: N 30 26.014 W 86 34.500
Fee: None
Concrete single lane boat ramp located on Lake Vivian on the north side of the
Choctawhatchee Bay. Has open parking area for about 10-15 vehicles. Sign
states "Shallow Draft boats only".

National Seashore Boat Ramp
Hwy 98
GPS: N 30 23.52 W 086 34.57
Open 8 a.m. to sunset Operated by the National Park Service.
Fee: None
Single lane paved ramp with sand silting on the ramp.
Due to shallow water and sand on the ramp, only usable by shallow draft boats.
Paved parking available for boat trailers.
Florida Park Boat Ramp
230 Grandview Ave
Valparaiso, FL  32580
(850) 729-5402
GPS: N 30 29.807  W 86 29.232
Fee: None
Operating Hours: 24 hrs for boat launching
Single paved ramp with boarding docks located on Boggy Bayou. Some silting
of sand, might be too shallow for big boats. Road leading to the ramp is steep.
No designated parking area for vehicles with boat trailers. City of Valparaiso
park and ramp. Florida park has a separate fishing dock, picnic area,
playgrounds, and bathrooms.
Marler Park Boat Ramp
1275 Santa Rosa Blvd
Ft Walton Beach, FL
(850) 689-5772 (Okaloosa County)
GPS: N 30 24.01  W 086 35.33
Fee: None
Excellent wide two lane concrete boat ramp with loading docks. About 5 miles
west of the Destin Bridge. Gated, opens 1 hour before sunrise, closes 1 hour
after sunset. Paved parking for 20 vehicles with trailers. Park has picnic area,
beach, bath rooms, pavilions, and a separate fishing dock on Santa Rosa
Sound. An Okaloosa County operated boat ramp and park.
Hurlburt Field Marina Boat Ramp
207 Cody Ave
Hurlburt Field, FL
GPS: N 30 24.34  W 086 42.30
Fee: None (Military only)
Two wide single lane concrete boat ramps on the Santa Rosa Sound. Located
south of Hwy 98 on the soundside of Hurlburt Field, the Hurlburt Marina is a full
service marina with gas, snacks, bathrooms available. It is about 12 miles
west of the Destin bridge.
Eglin AFB - Ben's Lake Boat Ramp
(Eglin AFB Yacht Club Boat Ramp)
Eglin AFB, FL

GPS: N 30 27.335  W 86 32.676

Fee: None (Military only)

Two single lane concrete ramps on the northern end of Ben's Lake next to the
Eglin AFB Yacht Club.  Boarding docks. Unimproved parking area for about
10-15 vehicles with trailers. No facilities here but the Ben's Lake Marina is only
a half mile away.

    Joes Bayou Boat Ramp
    800 Beach Drive, Destin, FL  32541  (850) 654-5184  
    GPS: N 30 24.63 W 086 29.45  
    Public facility with 5 concrete boat ramps with paved parking. Located
    about 4 miles east of the Destin bridge on Choctawhatchee Bay.
                                                                                   More Information here

    Destin Marina Boat Ramp
    7 Calhoun Ave, Destin,FL 32541  (850) 837-2470
    GPS: N 30 23.82 W 086 30.93
    Private facility with one concrete boat ramp located beside the Destin
    Bridge across from Crab Island.

Adventure Marina Boat Ramp
(formerly Brooks Bridge Bait & Tackle)
1201 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE
Fort Walton Beach, FL
(850) 243-5721
GPS: N 30 23.58 W 086 36.01    
Fee: $ 7.42 day, includes parking
$25.00 overnight parking
Single lane concrete boat ramp on Santa Rosa Sound in Ft Walton Beach, at
the southwest foot of the Brooks Bridge. Marina has gas, bait/tackle, loading
dock, boat rentals, bathrooms. Parking for about 10-15 vehicles with trailers.

Ft Benning Recreation Area
Boat Ramp
557 Calhoun Avenue
Destin, FL  32541
(850) 837-6423
GPS: N 30  24.640  W 086 30.008     

Fee: $ 8.00/day. Military only

Sea Tow Boat Ramp
22 Miracle Strip Pkwy SW
Fort Walton Bch, FL 32548-6613
(850) 837-4152
GPS: N 30 24.211  W 086 36.974

Sea Tow Members only. No fee
Overnight parking/wetslipsavailable. Call for specifics.

Quality Inn Ramp
322 Miracle Strip Parkway
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
(850) 275-0300
GPS: N 30 24.293  W 086 38.042
Fee: None, for use by registed motel guests only.
Private, single lane concrete boat ramp on Santa Rosa Sound. Located behind
the Quality Inn motel. Shallow water, will have to watch the tides. Separate dock
for use also. Ample parking.
Lincoln Park Boat Ramp
Corner Washington St & N Bayshore Dr
Valparaiso, FL
(850) 729-5402
GPS: N 30 30.27  W 086 29.15
Fee: None
Two paved boat ramps with boarding docks. Located on Boggy Bayou on the
north side of Choctawhatchee Bay, about 9 miles to the Destin Bridge. City of
Valparaiso park with bathrooms, playgrounds, beach and a covered picnic area.
Lion's Park Boat Ramp
910 Bayshore Drive
Niceville, FL  32578
(850) 729-4062
GPS: N 30 30.653 W 86 28.871
Fee: None
Two single lane paved boat ramps with boarding dock. Located on Boggy
Bayou on the north side of Choctawhatchee Bay, about 9 miles to the Destin
Bridge. Paved parking for 10+ vehicles with trailers.  Park has covered picnic
areas, bathroom. City of Niceville operated park and boat ramp.
Liza Jackson Park Boat Ramp
350 Hwy 98 W
(850) 833-9576
GPS: N 30 24.20  W 086 38.17
Fee:  Free for registered Ft Walton Beach residents, all others pay $ 5.00, honor
Ramps a little steeper than normal. Water around ramp is deep, but shallow
across Santa Rosa sound to the intercoastal waterway, be careful.
Park has picnic area, covered pavilions, bathrooms, a separate fishing dock,
and playground. City of Fort Walton Beach park and boat ramps.
Rocky Bayou State Park Boat Ramp
4281 Hwy 20
Niceville, FL 32578
(850) 833-9144
GPS: N 30 39.06  W 086 26.14
Fee: State Park entrance fee: $ 5.00 (single person)
$ 6.00 (More than one person)
Additional Boat Launch Fee: $ 5.00
This is an excellent two lane paved boat ramp with boarding docks. There are
about 20 designated vehicle/boat trailer parking spaces.  Rocky Bayou State
Park has a camping area, picnic grounds, showers, bathrooms. You will need
to go under the Rocky Bayou/SR20 bridge to get to the East Pass.
Seaway Boat Ramp (Cinco Bayou Bridge)
254 Seaway St
Cinco Bayou, FL  32548
(850) 833-3405
GPS: N 30 25.515  W 86 36.556
Fee: None
Two lane concrete boat ramp with loading dock. Paved parking for 15 vehicles
with trailers.  You will have to go under the Cinco Bayou/Eglin Parkway bridge to
get to Destin, about 6 miles away.  No bathroom or other facilities but there is a
Whataburger located next to the parking area. Town of Cinco Bayou operated
boat ramp.

Sandpiper Cove Boat Ramp
775 Gulfshore Drive
Destin, FL  32541
850-837-9121 or 800-874-0448

GPS: N 30 23.186  W 86 29.065

For private use of owners and guest staying at one of the Sandpiper Cove units.

Bluewater Bay Marina Boat Ramp
290 Yacht Club Drive
Niceville, FL  32578

GPS: N 30 29.653  W 086 26.707

Fee: $ 8.00 + tax, pay at marina.

Two single lane concrete boat ramps at the Bluewater Bay Marina. Paved
parking for over 20 vehicles with trailers, full service marina nearby with
bathrooms, fuel docks, trash receptacles.

Water St Boat Ramp
99 Water St
Ft Walton Beach, FL 32547
(850) 689-5772
GPS: N 30 25.52  W 086 28.12
No fee
Single lane boat ramp at the end of Water Street on Cinco Bayou. The
pavement stops at the water's edge.There is parking for maybe 3-5 vehicles.
Private property on both sides of the ramp. An Okaloosa County operated boat
A little help please.......  
Lot's of boat ramps to keep an eye on, so if you have an observation or report that you think will help your fellow fisherman on a particular boat ramp, please send me an email to:    
fishingdestinguide@cox.net   I am particularly looking for information about launching at the ramp, any hazards or other things to watch out for. You will get full credit for the report or any photos. Help
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Destin Area Saltwater Boat Ramps
West of the Mid-Bay Bridge
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A local's guide to fishing around Destin and the Florida Panhandle    
There area two boat ramps that most people in Destin use, Joes Bayou, run by the city of Destin, and
the Destin Marina Boat Ramp. Both have ample parking and can launch most trailerable boats.

View Destin area Saltwater Boat Ramps in a larger map
Other PRIMARY RAMPS West of the Mid Bay Bridge

There are other good boat ramps within a few miles of the east pass that can be used to launch most trailerable boat.

Secondary boat ramps in Destin
These ramps have restrictions and are not commonly used by the public.

Secondary boat ramps west of the Mid Bay bridge
These ramps have restrictions and may not be suitable to all boats

Ft Walton Beach Landing Boat Ramp
139 Brooks Street SE
Ft Walton Beach, FL  32547
(850) 833-9576
GPS: N 30 24.119  W 86 36.393
Fee: None
City of Fort Walton Beach Park. Single concrete boat ramp on the Santa Rosa
Sound in downtown Ft Walton Beach. Ramp ends at the water's edge and
only suitable for launching of small shallow draft boats. Water is shallow
around ramp.  Ample paved parking. Site of the annual Billy Bowlegs Festival.
Park has bathrooms, playground, two docks with slips, pump out station, trash  
cans, lighting.
Garnier's Beach Park Boat Ramp
257 Beachview Drive, NE
Ft Walton  Beach, FL  32547
(850) 833-9576
GPS: N 30 25.76  W 086 36.01
Fee: None
Single concrete boat ramp on 240 feet of Choctawhatchee Bay. Park operated
by the city of Ft Walton Beach. No designated parking for vehicles with trailers,
but park has paved parking lot. Bathroom facilities, covered picnic area, and
playground available. Sign states closes 7:30 PM winter, 8:30 PM in June, July,
August. City of Fort Walton Beach operated boat ramp and park.

(Misty Water) Pier Park Boat Ramp
South end of Misty Water Lane off of Hwy 98
Mary Esther, FL  32569
(850) 243-3566
Boat ramp open 24hr.  Single lane concrete boat ramp on Santa Rosa Sound.
Parking for maybe 3-4 vehicles with trailers. No Fee.

Walkedge Drive Boat Ramp
Ft Walton Beach, Fl  32547
(850) 833-9576
GPS: N 30 24.19  W 086 35.57
No Fee
Single lane concrete boat ramp located on the south end of Walkedge Drive off
Brooks St in Ft Walton designated parking  for 3 vehicles with trailers & 2
single vehicles. Maximum vehicle/trailer length: 35'. City of Fort Walton Beach
operated boat ramp.

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