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Fishing the beach around Destin

A local's guide to fishing around Destin and the
Florida Panhandle     

This web site is updated as I have time from other things going on. As there are a 1000 + different ways to do things, this is only
my way of fishing, nothing else,  and it is not the last word in fishing the area. I am by no means an expert but if you would like my opinion on something related to fishing the area,
please email me at  It may take a few days before I get to it, so be patient. Thanks.....

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Known as the "luckiest fishing village", Destin is the home to some of the best saltwater fishing in the United States. The 100 Fathom  (600' depth) Curve of the Gulf of Mexico draws closer
to Destin than any other spot in Florida. This, along  with  Destin's close  proximity  to  the East  Pass  and  the Gulf  of Mexico, allows quick access to the Gulf of Mexico's  fishing bounty.  
The  purpose  of  this site  is  to acquaint a new fisherman  to  the Destin area  -  our local facilities, fish, waters and fishing methods. Tight lines and good fishing!

the beaches

Fishing the beach around Destin, Florida

Beach Fishing around Destin, Fl

General Information: g

Who owns the beach? Your rights to fish .

Simply stated, you have a right to fish any of the beaches in
the Destin area as long as you follow the rules/laws for that
beach. And the rules/laws are complicated. There are about
four different sets of rules/laws to follow in the Destin area,
depending on where you are fishing. The areas are:
  1.  All Florida beaches in general
  2.  Beaches within the Destin City limits
  3.  Beaches within the Henderson Beach State Park
       and Topsail State Park. Further west, the Gulf Islands
       National Seashore between Navarre and Pensacola.
  4.  Beaches on Eglin AFB
First, I am not a lawyer, judge, or other public official, so this
is my interpretation as a Florida citizen on what I have learned
over the years.
Second, It used to not be like this, but with progress comes
more people. With more people comes more rules. Since we
can't stop progress and go back to the "good old days", you
have to know the rules.
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Miscellaneous Information

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Bait & Tackle

Beach fishing tackle and rigs:

The tackle you use depends on what you are trying to catch.
You generally want a little heavier tackle than what you use
for your freshwater fishing. Fresh water gear will work, it just
wont last as long (sand and salt) and of course there are some
big fish that your drag won't hold.

A good general beach/surf fishing rig I use is:

    Penn Spinfisher 7500 spinning reel (aka Penn 750)
    10 - 12' rod
    30# braid or monofilament (Braid will cast farther and you
            can get more on the spool)
    40# leader, fluorocarbon

    I use two of these rigs, and a smaller rig for casting

    Penn Spinfisher 4500 (aka Penn 450)
    8' rod
    20# braid
    40# leader, fluorocarbon                                (continue here)

Shark fishing from the beach:
Public Access Points
Surf Conditions
Beach Fishing Forums

News & Fishing Reports:
This is a public beach. You have the right to fish from this beach as
long as you stay close to the water  ( within approximately 15' ) and
you use public access points to get onto the beach.

Fish you can catch from the beaches of