GETTING BAIT FROM THE BAIT BOAT
Destin Bait & Tackle Shops

Call ahead as live bait is not always available


If you are on the water . . . .Destin Bait Boats
There are several bait boats in Destin that operate in the summer months that supply live cigar minnows with some other
bait mixed in, depending on what is available. Their boat is normally anchored somewhere from the Destin bridge to just
outside of the East Pass in the morning (approx 6:00 AM to around 9:00 AM.) One boat operates on VHF Channel 80 or
82, the other on Channel  68 or 69. Hail them on VHF to find their location and tell them what you want. Order in $10 -
$20 increments, cash only. $20 will get you 25-35 live cigar minnows. Actually, it is probably cheaper to buy their live
bait than frozen bait.
Bass Pro Shop                850-269-0636
4301 Legendary Dr, Destin, FL  32541     Web Site
Located in Destin Commons on Hwy 98, the national fishing chain store.
Good supply of saltwater tackle, some freshwater.

Frozen bait         Tackle
15017 Hwy 98, Destin, FL  32541        Web Site
Located across from Henderson Beach State Park, the national chain
box store. Open 24 hours. .

Frozen bait         Tackle        Bag Ice        Snacks

Bait Man

Ch 80

Bait Man

Ch 69
As you pass the Destin
Bridge, contact "Bait Boat" on
VHF channel 80 or 69. When
they answer, ask for his
location and tell him how
much you want ($10
They should tell
you which side of
his boat he wants
you on (Usually
Port side)

Normally located just outside
of the jetties.
They keep their bait
in large submerged

Come along side, verify how
much you want and they will
hand you a long handled net
full of live bait

Dump the bait in your live
well and put your cash back
into the empty net. Hand it
back to him and you are
Thats all there is to it.
Half Hitch Tackle               850-837-3121
621 E Hwy 98        Destin, FL  32541           WEBSITE
The oldest and probably the most well equiped bait and tackle store in

Live bait        Frozen bait        Tackle        Rod & Reel Repair
Ship's Chandler                850-837-9306
646 E Hwy 98        Destin, FL  32541           WEBSITE
Located on the harbor.

Frozen bait        Tackle        Boat Sales & Repair
Fisherman's Coop             850-654-4999
210 Hwy 98        Destin, FL  32541        
Where the charter boats get their frozen bait and tackle. Located on the
Destin Harbor underneath Fisherman's Wharf restaurant.Open to the
public. Bulk bait only
Frozen Boston Mackerel & Squid     Some Tackle        
Harborwalk Marina            850-337-8250
66 E Hwy 98        Destin, FL  32541        Web Site
Located on the Destin Harbor, boat accessible, part of the Emerald
Grande complex. Good place to get bulk ice for your boat

Live bait         Frozen Bait        Tackle        Bulk Ice        Marine Gas  
Destin Marina                    850-837-2470
104 Calhoun St, Destin, FL  32541     Facebook Page
On the water, boat accessible, across from Crab Island. Boat ramp
Live Bait        Frozen bait        Tackle        Marine Gas        Snacks
The Bait Boss                    850-637-8333
Delivery only, Order by Phone                       Web Site
Bulk frozen bait (>$50) delivery to anywhere from the Brooks Bridge in
Ft Walton to Baytowne Wharf in San Destin. Must order in advance.
Frozen boston mackerel, squid, spanish sardines, porgies, ballyhoo,
other in season
Destin Ice & Seafood         850-837-8333
663 Hwy 98, Destin, FL  32541                   Web Site
Fresh seafood store where you can get fresh shrimp, clams, oyters to eat
and use for bait. Even if you dont catch any fish, you can eat your bait.
Fresh shrimp, oysters, clams
Sexton's Seafood         850-837-3040
601 E Hwy 98, Destin, FL  32541      Web Site      
Fresh seafood store where you can get fresh shrimp, clams, oysters to
eat and use for bait. Where I get mine. Even if you dont catch any fish,
you can eat your bait. Also good place to get inexpensive BULK ice.
Fresh shrimp, oysters, clams
West Marine - Destin         850-269-0636
862 Hwy 98, Destin, FL  32541           Web Site
National Chain store with good selection of fishing and boating

Frozen bait        Tackle and Equipment

If there are other boats, just
get in line.
Bait & Tackle Shops
around Destin

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