Known as the "luckiest fishing village", Destin is the home to some of the best saltwater fishing in the United States. The 100 Fathom  (600' depth) Curve of the Gulf of Mexico draws closer
to Destin than any other spot in Florida. This, along  with  Destin's close  proximity  to  the East  Pass  and  the Gulf  of Mexico, allows quick access to the Gulf of Mexico's  fishing bounty.  
The  purpose  of  this site  is  to acquaint a new fisherman  to  the Destin area  -  our local facilities, fish, waters and fishing methods. Tight lines and good fishing!

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A local's guide to fishing around Destin and the Florida Panhandle    

This web site is updated as I have time from other things going on. As there are a 1000 + different ways to do things, this is only
my way of fishing, nothing else,  and it is not the last word in fishing the area. I am by no means an expert but if you would like my opinion on something related to fishing the area,
please email me at  It may take a few days before I get to it, so be patient. Thanks.....

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Local Fish
Bays, Bayous, Beach and near shore

Pompano      Spanish Mackerel        Triggerfish     

Local Bait


Fish Identification

Local Names for fish             Local Bay & Beach Fish          Texas Outdoors Shark ID Article
Texas Outdoors Prohibited Sharks Article
Weather Resources

Rutgers Univ NE Gulf
of Mexico Imagery

Destin Fishing Guide Library
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Tackle Warehouse

Barlow's Tackle


Swellinfo surf forecasts
Rules and Regulations for
fishing around Destin

To fish this area, you need to
understand all the rules.
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Crab Links                                  

FWC Blue Crab Regulations

Blue Crab Forum

Jeffs Crab Page

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Florida Paddling Trails

Florida Greenways and Trails

Local Fishing & Boating Resources
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Maps & Charts
Local Organizations
Lion Fish Menace

The invasive Lion Fish first appeared off the east coast of Florida in 1982. It has since
moved into the Gulf of Mexico and is reproducing at an alarming rate. They have no
overall reef habitat and health as they can eliminate species that serve important
ecological roles such as fish that keep algae in check on the reefs. Lionfish also
compete for food with native predatory fish such as grouper and snapper.

Fish Kill Hotline:
Call 800-636-0511,  or
submit a fish kill report.
To learn more about fish
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Rare or Unusual Fish
If you catch a rare or unusual
fish in Florida waters, please
report it.
Saltwater:    (727) 896-8626
Freshwater: (561) 391-6409
For more information,

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Tagged Fish:
If you catch a tagged fish,
please report it by calling the   
or emailing:

For more information,

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Shrimping Links                         

Jethro's Shrimping

Lee Noga

Ozello Shrimper

FWC Shrimp Regulations

Shrimpnfish Florida

Miscellaneous Tips                                      

How to sharpen a knife


                               The NW Florida Water Management District is a state organization that
                                owns and controls a majority of the lands  surrounding the panhandle's
                                rivers and lakes.  A lot of their land is open for public use for fishing,
                                camping, and hiking. Check out their website below, good site.
NW Florida Water Management

Wildlife Law Violations:

Call the Wildlife Alert hotline:
888-404-FWCC (888-404-3922).
Cellular phone users, call *FWC
or #FWC.

Or send a text to